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Ten years. Media Exposure. Earned.

Some friendly feedback for your review:

"Niko has been remarkable to work with during-and-after our domain asset acquisition."

- Price Givens, Co-Founder / BitcoinWallet.com

"It's always been a pleasure working with Niko on domain acquisition opportunities. Niko is extraordinarily knowledgeable about domainer related issues and has worked closely and cooperatively with my staff in putting together a couple of very good opportunities for us."

- Michael Romaner, President / Morris Communications Company

"We have been investing in and developing premium domain brands for a decade and Niko has proven to be a part of a small group of individuals who really understand the media reinvention on a global scale. We have worked with Niko on several occasions [since 2008] regarding premium domain research and acquisitions and he has maintained his balance and value; knowledgeable and professional."

- Skip Hoagland, CEO / Domains New Media

"Niko is a personable and committed digital media entrepreneur. While working together in 2008, Niko displayed a high level of professionalism in addition to his noteworthy independent research and knowledge of the new media world we live in. I am confident Niko could prove to be an asset to any media company."

- David Sams, CEO / David Sams Corp., Inc.

"Niko is one of the brightest minds I've ever met. He is constantly churning new ideas and has an incredible business mentality, especially in regards to digital. His passion is radiant and contagious and I now consider him a great friend. Niko quite literally turned my business around and opened the door to several new ventures. I wouldn't think twice about recommending Niko to my friends, family or business partners."

- Craig Davidenko, Owner / Savannah Real Estate, Inc

"I have worked with Niko on various projects related to the domain space and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in efforts related to these types of domains. He is extremely well connected in this industry and demonstrates creative and advanced thinking in the digital space. I highly recommend Niko as a .TV consultant for the quality of his relationships, insight and analysis."

- Randall Ryan, Director of Digital / Morris Communications Company

"I have known Niko for several years both as a professional and friend. His knowledge of the online marketplace coupled with his dedication to new media makes him a marketing powerhouse. Niko has a reputation for "thinking outside the box" and exceeding client expectations."

- Brian R., CEO / OTC:BB Public Company Info Private

"My experience in selecting and purchasing a Premium Domain Name from NLV was fantastic! Niko personally took time to assist me with all the intricacies that are involved when buying a Premium Domain Name in the aftermarket. He exceeded my expectations in terms of industry knowledge and professionalism and the domain transfer process was safe, secure and only took about 15 minutes!"

- Dave Weis, Owner / Meridian Construction

"I would like to thank Niko for offering our company a chance to purchase a few premium domain names. Mr. Younts found domains that would be of benefit to us and, after a bit of friendly haggling, gave us a good price to secure all three domain names. I found Mr. Younts to be very knowledgeable amount the importance of generic domain names and how they can be used to benefit a company."

- Mary Campbell, Corporate EA, Hampton Roads Builder Network

"Niko is an engaging and articulate man, with tremendous sales aptitude. The position Niko held (Director of Sales-Savannah) required daily sales calls, group and individual sales presentations and ongoing account management, contracting and sales reporting. Niko learned the product quickly, adapted to ongoing changes in the program and was able to articulate these new benefits or opportunities to his customers successfully. I would not hesitate to hire Niko again for a sales or marketing related position.

- Brian Tierney, Director / Locale via Circumerro Media, Inc.

"Niko is an ambitious and charismatic individual who displayed a very high level of competitiveness every single day. Niko always found new ways to push himself harder which elevated the entire teams work ethic. He concluded his career at Robert Morris on the Presidential Honors list and I would recommend him without reservation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me."

- Al Bruehl, Men’s Basketball Coach / Robert Morris University

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